Our Philosophy


I am passionate about the concept of community. I see it like a cell; made up of many different parts and interacting with other cells to work in harmony with each other and the environment; to live out a fulfilling and happy life together.

I love to help people and this has always been evident in the thousands of hours of voluntary work I have done throughout my life. I am passionate about creating a sustainable future for mankind. I realised many years ago that as one person I cannot change the world on my own; but if I worked with others to do what can be done, whenever it can be done, for as long as it can be done, then together we will invoke a bigger change, collectively. I heard about, and joined, a network of people with a similar mindset, called the Transition Network.

To best describe what 'Transition' is I like to use the story about the Hungry Caterpillar.

Humans are the caterpillar, and we start off hatching out on this Earth and are affected by our surroundings, our community, the smell, the activity and the talk. As humans we start getting hungry for more, and we start eating or buying more and more, even when it isn't about fulfilment and happiness; it is just a need to have and consume. And, because now we have oil, we can do it faster and faster and consume more and more things; things that don't compost or break down. Then, one day, as this big fat greedy caterpillar (that is the unfortunate thing man has become) stops, just before everything has run out, it has a thought: "It's time to change!" I cannot go on like this. I am meant to change. Then the caterpillar creates a cocoon around itself and liquefies; reforming itself - putting itself back together in a different way than before - with the hope of emerging from the cocoon (the process of change) in a more beautiful form, ready to look at life, and interact with nature and its community, in a different way; with a new purpose.

So, to me, transition is that moment, when we, as individuals, have that thought - that we cannot go on consuming more and more - and that the transition movement is the cocoon phase during which we try, as a collective in transition, to trial and experiment and actively create new ways of doing things. It doesn't pretend to know what the right answer is, but has decided that to act alone is too little too late; but that to act together may be just enough, just in time.

I have spent my life learning skills and concepts, putting many into action over the years. However, I found that telling people that they need to change and be different is the wrong way to go about things. So I decided that I would be the change that I wanted to see happen. I would show others that one can follow ones passion and survive in this economic system; that by getting good at what we are passionate about and showing our desire to help others and teach others, we will attract the work that will give us the opportunity to educate and support others, enabling them to develop useful life skills to make their own minds up, and be ready to change when they do.

You will find me involved in many projects and activities in and around my local and regional community. Projects that will help to strengthen communities, to educate and retrain groups and make it easier for people to get involved themselves. I will never stop listening and learning and I will never give up trying to make this happen.

EggSeeds has evolved through my involvement with schools who have asked for my help and who tell me that they have valued my time and knowledge. UnLltd has shown me that they, as an organisation, believe in my passion and ability to bring about change. EggSeeds has grown from an individual's idea and has already become a family business with my wife supporting the administration and communications, my dad helping with website development, and my extended family helping with graphics, photography, videos and creative suggestions.

EggSeeds has always valued and grown from feedback. We promise that together we at EggSeeds will adapt and evolve to deliver the best possible quality of service to you that it can.

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