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Why choose EggSeeds for your hatching project?

It's a good question and one we are happy to answer. We started offering hatching projects commercially after an experienced teacher told us

Your hatching project was fantastic it helped upgrade all the children across the curriculum. It engaged them all so much A.Mahoney, Wyclif ICS

Receiving this positive feedback made us at EggSeeds want to offer this experience to more children and teachers. Our hatching projects are primarily focused on nurseries and primary schools but are equally suitable for secondary schools.

At EggSeeds we pride ourselves in an exceptional learning experience concentrating on high animal welfare and low energy consumption. We have taken the time to see what others do, we have taken feedback from teachers in South Wales and developed our hatching projects to better suit you, with consideration for the environment and the chicks' welfare and satisfaction.

Our projects use top quality incubators for the hatching process that have a large transparent cover giving increased visibility. Larger brooding spaces give the group a better chance to see the chicks and more space for the chicks to run and play. We use energy efficient 'Electric Hen' brooders under which the chicks feel safe and cozy. Just like mother hen, they offer heat and a safe hiding place under which to snuggle and sleep. 'Electric Hen' brooders reduce the risks of burns and fires (a problem when using infra red lights) and, because of their low wattage, reduce the cost of running the equipment. Also they give increased space and allow the chicks to better self regulate their own body temperatures reducing risk of project complications.


Why not set a group the task of working out the energy use and cost difference between bulbs and Electric Hens?

Following feedback we now use heat treated dust free wood fibre for the brooder that absorbs the mess and odours better than other products. This also means that the chicks can carry out normall chicken activities without causing risk to themselves or making a mess in the project space. It is lovely watching them take a dust bath in the bedding.


Can the group copy the chicks? Why not set the group a challenge to find out why chicks and chickens do this funny little behaviour?

For the hatching period and first few days after we also provide antislip mats to use in the incubator and brooder to protect the chicks and support their first few steps and leg development.

The overall project duration can be tailored to your needs. We are happy for the group to keep the chicks longer and we can offer services to support the group to try out keeping the chicks until fully grown and laying eggs if so desired.

Teachers from Wyclif Independent Christian School (Machen), St. Pauls Primary (Grangetown) and Baden Powell Primary (Tremorfa) inspired us into providing a range of optional extras to extend your group project. (See Extras tab)


Why not explore the full lifecycle of the chick in the egg with the chick lifecycle kit


Suggested discussions: Can I hatch an egg from the shop? Do all eggs take 21 days to hatch? What about Ducks?

See the Resources tab for curriculum support and ideas for group activities. We are continually developing this section with ideas and help from the community and organisations that are striving to improve educational experiences. We would be extremely grateful if you would share any resources you have found, and would also appreciate any feedback about those you have used.

What you will get and what it will cost

Higher Welfare Hatching Project (Chicken Eggs)................... £220

Duck Eggs add £10

  • Runs for 3 weeks
  • Your eggs, delivered, ready to hatch over the next 3-4 days
  • Incubator with a large viewing window
  • Large chick brooder - increased room for growth
  • Height adjustable Eco Heat Bed - enables chicks to self regulate their temperature
  • Anti-slip mat - protects little legs on their first steps
  • Bedding & food
  • Drinkers and feeders
  • 24/7 help & advice from the 'Chicken Man'

Hatching Project Flyer with Prices 2016

Hatching Project Flyer with Prices 2013

A selection of cross curricula books supporting PSE, literacy, numeracy

Lifecycles kit - life cycle models, and Ova scope to view inside the unhatched eggs.

Picture of Life Cycle Model, books, OvaScope
Picture of Life Cycle Model, books, OvaScope
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Hatching Projects: Health Risk - Myths and Facts

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Hatching Projects: Health Risk - Myths and Facts
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